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Girl Scout Cookies & Beer Pairing

A few years ago a friend sent me a life-changing article: how to pair Girl Scout Cookies with beer. I knew right away that I needed this in my life. Three years later, and I just finished hosting my 3rd Annual Cookie Party. We usually try to experiment a little with the beer selection, which makes… Continue reading Girl Scout Cookies & Beer Pairing

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Swensen’s Beer Shakes

If you grew up in Miami, chances are you’ve been to Swensen’s at some point. Its been around since the late 70’s and has stood the test of time, outlasting many of the surrounding businesses that have been replaced in the past years. Swensen’s is now trying to revamp their image….they’re still the same family-friendly joint you… Continue reading Swensen’s Beer Shakes

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New Belgium Cocoa Mole (or…Happy Cinco de Mayo!)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Tequila and Coronas aren’t really my thing, so this year I thought I’d celebrate our favorite Mexican “holiday” a little bit early with New Belgium’s Cocoa Mole porter! As part of the Lips of Faith series of beers from New Belgium, this particular beer had previously been released in 2012 and… Continue reading New Belgium Cocoa Mole (or…Happy Cinco de Mayo!)

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Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Tropical IPA

Every Spring Sierra Nevada releases a new beer to commemorate their “Beer Camp” collaborations. Last year was the Hoppy Lager. This year they released Tropical IPA. I tried not to get too excited, since beers don’t always live up to their names…..but this one does. Its exactly what I was expecting from a beer called “Tropical… Continue reading Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Tropical IPA

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Ballast Point Sculpin: Pineapple vs. Grapefruit

I tried Grapefruit Sculpin a while back….and I actually liked it. That’s saying a lot, considering I tend to not like IPA’s and their bitterness. When I heard that Ballast Point also made a Pineapple Sculpin I was immediately curious whether it would live up to its Grapefruit counterpart….So, like the true scientist that I am I pulled out two glasses… Continue reading Ballast Point Sculpin: Pineapple vs. Grapefruit