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Where Craft meets Craft

Hi! I’m Sabrina, wannabe Crafter and Craft Beer enthusiast.

Like most, I started my crafting career in my early childhood. Think: construction paper, paste, crayons, etc. I wasn’t the artsiest kid. If I’m completely honest, I’ve always been (and still am) a bit of a klutz. However at my mom’s insistence I spent a good part of my childhood surrounded by glue guns, puffy paint, and fabric.

After a hiatus from the crafting world (as I took a break to become a dance nerd in middle school, a band nerd in high school, then an engineering nerd in college) I eventually made my return when I applied for a job at the Georgia Tech Student Center and was coincidentally assigned to the Craft Center. It gave me the opportunity to try something I would have otherwise passed on: pottery and ceramics (not to mention a room dedicated to sorority-type crafting glitter.)

Since then I’ve become a collector of hobbies….two of which are Crafting and Craft Beer.

And with that, I welcome you to my blog! I hope you’ll join me as I try new beers and new craft projects….sometimes at the same time.


2 thoughts on “Where Craft meets Craft

  1. I suggest you do a craft and craft beer night just like they do with paint and wine….Maria Antonia Lasher-Morales

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