Donut Divas Tasting Event

Today I’m taking a break from beer and crafting to tell you about a blogger tasting event I was invited to a couple of weeks ago. I was lucky enough to be one of 15 bloggers invited to Donut Divas for a dessert tasting!

I’d heard plenty of great things about this place but hadn’t yet stopped by. If you haven’t heard, they specialize in carnival foods (yes, you heard read right), and have a brick and mortar shop in Miami, as well as a catering program. I’m talking elephant ears, corn dogs, funnel cakes….and of course donuts.


As soon as I walked into the store I felt like I’d walked into a carnival tent. They have a front seating area, where you can order off the menu or pick up some popcorn (assorted flavors!), candied apples, or ice cream.


Stages like this are why I wish I knew how to tap dance…

If you go a little bit further in there’s an area with some carnival games, followed by a mini stage and larger seating area which is perfect for hosting a party.

We took a few minutes to play some Ski ball, bean bag toss, and had some fun with their photo booth and props!

And then….the food.

They brought out large platters of 5 different items for us to try:


Fried Oreos – I’ve had fried Oreos a few times in my life, but these may be the best. They weren’t overly sweet or dry….or even super greasy. Biting into one of these felt like being snuggled with a nice fluffy blanket.

Red Velvet Fried Oreos – these were the crowd favorite, but….not my favorite. (oops). Don’t get me wrong, they were still good! Its just hard to compete with the perfection that the regular fried oreos were. The dough was slightly more dense than the regular dough, and of course sweeter.

Churros – the churros were nice and crisp, and just the right amount of sweet! Some drizzled condensed milk gave it the right touch. Yum…

Elephant Ears – Ok, these were my favorite!!! I was wary at first, they looked like breaded chicken cutlets on the platter, and thicker than I was used to seeing at The Fair….which meant I was expecting them to be greasier. But one bite…..and it was like biting into a cloud (I’m guessing). Light, fluffy, slightly crisped…I salivate thinking back on it!

Mini Donuts – I wasn’t expecting much from these. (Yes, I know we were at Donut Divas, but I’m just not a powdered donut type of girl!) Well, I was pleasantly surprised….these donuts were GOOD. Crispy, fluffy, not at all greasy tasting. They felt like they were melting in my mouth. Like the churros, I had these with a drizzle of condensed milk.

If you haven’t been to Donut Divas yet….GO! I plan on returning to try some of their savory offerings (corn dogs!), as well as get my hands on those Elephant Ears again!!


The thing about eating with bloggers: you MUST get a good picture of the food! =D

Donut Divas is located at 5779 SW 8th Street, Miami FL and they’re open from 11am to 11pm daily.

This event was organized by South Florida Bloggers, a chapter of The Blogger Union



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