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LOTR Brunch: Gandalf the Grey-ish

Last Sunday’s Geek Girl Brunch had us making a visit to The Shire to hang out with our favorite hobbits, elves, and wizards. The theme: Lord of the Rings! Aside from the great brunch (Thanks Ms. Cheezious!) GGB is always a fun opportunity to dress up, whether in casual cosplay, serious costuming and props, or… Continue reading LOTR Brunch: Gandalf the Grey-ish

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Channeling my Spirit Animal: Stimpson J. Cat

    A friend of mine recently celebrated her 30th birthday with the best theme ever….Nickelodeon of the 90’s! Of course, dressing up was encouraged and there were SO MANY great shows to choose from! From the game shows (Legends of the Hidden Temple, Gutz, Double Dare, What Would You Do?), to the cartoons (Doug,… Continue reading Channeling my Spirit Animal: Stimpson J. Cat