The return of Be My Clementine!

I’ve been slightly quieter than usual here on the blog these days. Hurricane Irma threw me off just a little bit (thankfully nothing really happened to my house or family), but most importantly I’ve been quietly planning, sewing, and photographing for the official re-launch of my Etsy shop, Be My Clementine!


Be My Clementine specializes in fun, colorful aprons and home goods (such as cloth/reusable napkins, oven mitts, pot holders, makeup/pencil bags), all curated and hand made by me from my home studio. I will also be adding a line of skirts in the near future, so stay tuned! (At the moment I am accepting a limited number of custom orders. Contact me if you’re interested!)

This process has been in motion for over a year, starting with having my logo redesigned by the talented Andrea from Vintage Unicorn, to updating my inventory with new fabrics, to getting my items photographed (which was most definitely the hardest part for me, and what I kept delaying the launch for). I’m excited to be back at it and sharing this with you!

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As a thanks to my blog readers I’m also offering a 10% off coupon code valid on ANYTHING on my Etsy page! Click on this link, or use the code SABRINACLEM10


















Where Craft meets Craft

Hello, and welcome!! I’m Sabrina Clementine, sewist and wannabe crafter.

Like most, I started my crafting career in my early childhood. Think: construction paper, paste, and crayons. I wasn’t the artsiest kid, but at my mom’s insistence I spent a good part of my childhood surrounded by glue guns, puffy paint, and fabric from my mom’s numerous projects. (It usually involved creating matching outfits and accessories for my older sister and I.)

Today, I’m allowed to operate a glue gun and cut into pretty fabrics without adult supervision. (Yay me!)

I like to call myself a collector of hobbies, but a more accurate term would be a collector of hobby supplies. To be honest, half the time I have been so worried about ruining craft supplies, that it has kept me from working on projects. And so…that is where this blog comes in!

I hope you will join me as I work my way through my craft supplies, learn new skills, and experiment on my own ideas. Some will be failures, and hopefully some will turn out great!