Earring Storage Ikea Hack

I have a minor obsession with earrings. Studs, to be specific.

Over the last few years I’ve collected quite a few, but I could never really come up with a proper organization system. I searched for inspiration online, but it seemed like all of the cute options were for people with a handful of jewelry pieces. (How many teacups or cheese graters would I need?!!)

Eventually I purchased a 3-tier stand from Ikea, because everything seems like I great idea when you’re walking through an Ikea showroom. But once I got home and assembled it, my earring collection was still a jumbled mess.

My solution: foam.

By filling the “bowls” of my 3-tier stand I’d have a foam base that earrings could just POP into. They would stay in pairs, there would be less damage to my earrings, and best of all….a cute display!

I purchased 1″ high density foam, used the rim of each bowl to trace out the diameter, and then cut inside the line to make sure it would fit in. The tricky part was shaping the bottom to make a curved profile. It was an awkward process, very messy, and I’m somewhat embarrassed of the result. BUT….it works!

Now I can display my jewelry and pick out my earrings for the day in no time at all!

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*Note: to make this work I store my earrings without the backs. I keep the backs in a drawer, and exclusively use the type with a plastic ring. Keeps things simple!

So, how do you store or display your jewelry?